Boosting the national land administration in Benin

Benin is a stable, French speaking country in Western Africa. Despite a new modern national law on land administration the progress of registered parcels is slow.

Financed by the Dutch embassy in Benin, MDF Consultancy, VNG International and Kadaster are executing a project to set up the infrastructure for an efficient and affordable land administration.

Next to the formal land titles an option is created to register presumed ownership. The procedure for this is lighter (Fit for Purpose), while such registrations do offer a sufficient level of legal security.


4 outcomes of the project have been defined:

  • The national cadastre is available, functional and sustainable in order to contribute effectively to the land security of a growing number of people
  •  ANDF implements the national land policy, in accordance with the obligations defined in the Land Law (Code Foncier et Domanial)  respecting the conditions of land security and in a financially sustainable manner
  • All parties in the mapping, legal and judicial chains are aware of their roles and responsibilities and assume them effectively and correctly in collaboration with other parties in the chain
  • Increased opportunities for civil society and other interest groups to advocate for improved legislation, policies and implementation of policies to protect access and land ownership rights for socially and/or economically disadvantaged groups


Together with the national land administration agency (ANDF) the country profile of the Land Administration Domain Model was defined, as a foundation for the cadastral IT system to be developed. The LADM model allows both formal land titles and presumed ownership to be registered, as well as secondary rights.

Recently the development of the cadastral IT system took off with a team of ANDF IT staff and hired Beninese IT developers. For the system development an Agile/Scrum approach is applied. During the development process there will be ample attention to capacity building of the ANDF staff.

At about the same moment the field data collection in two municipalities started and this will be extended to more municipalities soon. During the data collection special focus is be put on the rights of members of vulnerable groups, like women, youth and pastorals.

At the end of the project an infrastructure of systems and procedures for the initial registration and updating processes will be established, the ANDF staff will have acquired the necessary expertise and some parts of the country will be registered. Reaching national coverage is part of follow up projects.

Duration of the project

2018 - 2022

More info and contact

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