Building community trust in Beira

Project completed

The location is a 50 ha pilot area, as defined in the Masterplan Beira 2035. The original project planning envisioned a one-and-a-half-year period for implementing the desired interventions. The project faced several delays including financial resource availability at the municipality of Beira, cyclone Ida, and two elections. However, we successfully completed the planned interventions.

Improved livelihoods

The biggest success, as identified by almost all evaluation participants, was the established cooperation with Young Africa and the possibilities for affected local people to attain a vocational training - and so may improve their future livelihoods.

"We have to understand the community we are working with, understand their problems and talk their language."
Sonia Rita Uane, external coordinator of the livelihood restoration.

Environment of cooperation

The management of a process of such a big magnitude in terms of social effects, proved to be challenging. The evaluation team concluded though that the project created an environment of cooperation and enhanced the capacity at the municipality. We trained the project team at the municipality, and they can now handle FFP-LA recording with special attention to vulnerable people and women.

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