Collaboration with Ukraine on geo-information integration

Kadaster and StateGeoCadastre Ukraine signed a Memorandum of Understanding on institutional cooperation on National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

Expected benefits

The memorandum enables stronger cooperation between the two institutions: exchange of experts and delegations, expert support on NSDI capacity increase, cooperation on cartography, topography, cadastre and land registry spheres.

StateGeoCadastre aims to improve the development and operation of NSDI in Ukraine. Kadaster will share its knowledge and experience, recognising the mutual benefit of cooperating on NSDI and seizing the opportunity to promote friendship and understanding between the countries.

5 year partnership

The chairman of the Kadaster Board of Management, Frank Tierolff, and the chairman of StateGeoCadastre, Roman Leschenko, signed the 5-year agreement online because of the COVID-19-restrictions. 

Roman Leshchenko, Head of the StateGeoCadastre, mentioned:
“This document opens opportunities for regular exchange of experience and best practices for the development and effective functioning of the national infrastructure of geospatial data”.

Frank Tierolff, chairman of the Kadaster Board of Management, confirmed the importance of the MoU:

“Ukraine has been a front runner in self-assessing its NSDI state-of-play and plotting a future NSDI strategy. This MoU allows StateGeoCadastre and Kadaster to effectively collaborate on geo-information integration.”

Reinoud Nuijten, Agricultural Counsellor to Ukraine at the Dutch Embassy in Kyiv, was also very pleased with the signing of the MoU and stated:
“All the land users in Ukraine, including the farmers, will benefit from its effective functioning”.

More information

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