Delivery of land titles in post-conflict area in Colombia

On August 10, 20 land titles were awarded to residents of the Colombian municipality of Cumaribo, in a remote region hard hit by the armed conflict. More land titles will follow soon.

A total of 290 families will receive their property title and legal certainty. This is part of the project 'Land in Peace'. The Dutch embassy and Kadaster are working together with the Colombian authorities on fast and affordable registration of land ownership. 

"A title to your own house and plot is vital for the residents of our place"

Argenis Romero is one of the 14 women who received her title: “A title to your own house and plot is vital for the residents of our place. Hopefully this is the prelude to land titles for all our residents. God bless you!"

Fast and participative land registration

On April 28, an important agreement was signed between the Colombian Land Registry (IGAC), the Dutch Embassy in Bogotá and the Netherlands’ Kadaster. The agreement contributes to the development of a fast, transparent and multifunctional land registry in Colombia. With the Dutch Fit-for-Purpose method, the local population does most of the work themselves. Because of this, they have confidence in the data collected, they agree with the boundaries of their lots and their neighbours, and ownership of the land can be formalized. This provides families with legal certainty about their previously informal property.

Dutch ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg on the importance of the land titles:

“For the Dutch government, the issue of land administration is the key to better rural development in Colombia. Our question was, how can we contribute to make it more efficient, safer and more affordable, especially for low-income Colombians? The residents of rural areas, including farmers and ethnic communities, need legal security of their properties to have easier access to, for example, credit, agricultural insurance or other tools to invest in productive projects. ”

More about the Land in Peace project

Within the framework of the Colombian-Dutch project 'Tierra en Paz' (Land in Peace), successful pilots have now been carried out in three regions with 'Fit for Purpose' and property titles are ready.

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