Extending cadastral tasks to the Caribbean Netherlands

Land registration modernisation

With the BES Land Registry Act, Kadaster Netherlands will incorporate cadastral and land registry tasks on the BES islands. This allows for land registration modernisation on the three islands and is expected to boost the real estate market. With this act, the Dutch national government takes responsibility for the efficient registration of real estate on the Dutch territory and improves legal certainty.

Further improve services and business operations

Since 2011, Kadaster has been involved in the digitisation and automation of the land registers on the three islands. The BES islands, the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations and Kadaster have jointly agreed to further improve services and business operations while taking into account existing practices.

Benefit the island's owners, notaries, brokers and banks

This act is expected to bring about a more uniform way of working and registration, which will benefit the island's owners, notaries, brokers and banks. But above all, it will provide more continuity. 
"We want to continue and further develop the island's digitisation process to improve the quality of data. To do so, we will take a number of steps in the coming period. Together we continue to advance legal certaintyā€¯, according to Frank Tierolff, chairman of the Kadaster Board of Management.

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