Fit-For-Purpose capacity building in Mozambique

The Mozambican Land Administration System is still far from complete due to colonial legacy and decades of civil war. Masses of land users are uncertain about their land rights.

The government faces a major challenge: capturing 5 million plots of land with corresponding user rights in 5 years. A mega job of registering all those landholders has two main components:  the registering itself and the organising of the information.

Fit-For-Purpose approach

The land registry organisation of Mozambique, DINAT ( Direcção Nacional de Terras), wants to catch up in a targeted, fast and affordable way. To cope with the enormous amount of plots, many people must be trained. For that, Kadaster has designed a Fit-For-Purpose approach, involving local and international partners. This two-year project (2019-2020) aims at capacity building regarding three areas: registering (train the trainers), data management and institutional building. 


This article was published in Abroad edition December 2019
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