Important agreement with Colombian cadastre

An important agreement was signed on the 28th of April in Colombia: a Memorandum of Understanding between the Colombian rural cadastre, the Dutch embassy in Bogotá and Kadaster. The signing contributes to the development of a rapid, transparent and multipurpose cadastre in Colombia.

The Memorandum of Understanding with IGAC (Instituto Geográfico Agustín Codazzi) is an agreement on achieving land registration with fast, affordable, transparent and participatory methods.

Kadaster cooperates with IGAC in one of the most remote regions of the country: Cumaribo. A municipality 1.5 times bigger than the Netherlands, with a predominantly indigenous population of 30,000 people. The region is heavily affected by the armed conflict.

Virtual signing 

The signing took place virtual - due to the lock down situation in Colombia - by the Dutch Ambassador Jeroen Roodenburg, the director of IGAC Olga Lucía López and Chair of the Executive Board of Kadaster Frank Tierolff. Frank Tierolff: "Cadastral information is key in the Peace Process since it is of great importance for rural development and land security. I am very proud that after a fruitful collaboration between IGAC, Kadaster and the Netherlands embassy, we can now formalize our friendship and mutual dedication for our profession, in this Memorandum.”

Importance of rural land reform

Kadaster plays a significant role in Colombian land reforms, thanks to the Land in Peace project that has been running here since several years. After the Colombian peace accords in 2016 ended a long during armed conflict, rural land reform became the principal point of the peace agreement. Therefore, it is crucial to get a land-covering register of the entire country. 

Only a small part of land is formalized

Currently, only a small part of Colombian land is formalized. Cadastral maps are outdated or incorrect, or they simply lack - especially in post conflict areas. At the current pace it will take centuries to realise tender security for all. The Netherlands help Colombians land tenure with Kadaster’ expertise on Fit-for-Purpose land administration. 

More about Land in Peace project

This is not the first time Kadaster signed a MoU in Columbia. Previously Kadaster already signed a MoU in Colombia with the National Register of Property (SNR), the Land Agency (ANT) and the Universidad Distrital in Bogotá.  

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