Improving land administration in Chad

In December 2018 several ministries and civil society organisations in Chad, under the supervision of MATDHU, joined forces and established a commission to review the current land codes. This because of the challenges in the implementation and management of conventional land administration approaches. 

Disputes over land

Without proper land information, land management becomes difficult. This increases disputes over land, leads to non-productivity of agricultural land, uncontrolled urban development and hampers the development of Chad in general.

Review of the land code almost ready

The review of the land code is almost ready. Building on that, Kadaster will start this year a collaboration with MATDHU. Our collaboration will be financed by the Land-at-Scale programme.

Objective of our collaboration

The aim of our collaboration is to improve land administration in Chad by setting up a blue print for a future system that leads to reducing cost, time and complexity for land registration and maintenance.

Activities during our collaboration

Several activities are foreseen during our collaboration. We start with an inventory of the current land administration system in Chad by interviewing key-stakeholders. This may include government and private sector and also traditional authorities. The inventory will focus on social, technical, legal and institutional issues. After this inventory workshop(s) and round table discussions will be organised to invite key-stakeholders to express their expectations towards improved land administration. If there is common ground to move forward, a blue print for future land administration will be drawn up and presented during a conference about Land Administration in Chad.

Duration of the project

2021 – 2022 (depending on Covid situation)

More info and contact

If you want more information about the project or if you want to contact us, please fill in the contact form.