Mapping solar energy potential

To achieve the goals of the Paris Climate Agreement, 30 regions in the Netherlands are drawing up Regional Energy Strategies. For one of those regions, Zeeland, Kadaster looked at the potential for increasing the number of solar panels on houses.

Automated process

Bhavya Kausika, GIS Specialist at Kadaster explains: “To assess this potential, we designed an automated process, which is not as simple as it seems. Because how do you know:

  • which buildings are residential?
  • which roofs have proper solar orientation?
  • which roofs already have solar panels?
  • how many panels can a roof accommodate, taking into account, for example, skylights and chimneys?

To answer these questions, we used a combination of data files, such as:

  • the Key Register Addresses and Buildings
  • aerial photos
  • deep learning technology

Analysing the entire province

By first analysing an area manually, we trained the system in finding suitable roofs. Next, we applied the algorithm to a pilot area and later, after some adjustments, we automatically analysed the entire province of Zeeland.”

Local network operators can use this information to respond to local changes in energy demand and supply. 

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