Optimising cadastral data collection in Benin

The African country of Benin is ambitiously aiming to reach cadastral coverage of the whole country within two years.

In March 2019 l’Agence du Domaine et du Foncier (ANDF), in partnership with Kadaster, commenced the first pilot testing new methodologies for optimising the process of cadastral data collection. The methodology should be fast, affordable and good-enough to meet the needs of all in society.

Inclusiveness is key

In the pilot taking place in Tori-Bossito (Southern Benin), a configuration of Emlid Reach GNSS rovers and base, combined with the MapIT GIS app, is being tested. Besides selecting the most appropriate equipment, we also design the optimal method of involving land owners, users, and key community stakeholders: inclusiveness will be key in the new methodology. Besides a methodology that fits the purpose for individual parcels, the pilot will reveal a realistic understanding of time and costs required to scale-up the approach for all of Benin.