Post-disaster ‘mapathon’ for Mozambique

In March 2019 Hurricane Idai, the deadliest storm to hit Mozambique in the last 30 years, devastated important parts of the Mozambican infrastructure. An effective aid campaign will only be possible with the availability of reliable maps of the affected areas.

That’s why the International Red Cross made a ‘Missing Maps’ appeal to the world. Several Kadaster employees used their free time to update the maps of the flooded areas, made available by the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap community.

Kadaster supports Beira

Kadaster is involved in a land administration project in the city of Beira. This city was hit first and is badly damaged. Fortunately, all produced data was saved thanks to periodic backups. The city hall, the project rooms and related equipment however were severely damaged. Kadaster is supporting the municipality of Beira in the needed reconstruction of the city hall. Together with all Dutch partners in this project, other project implications and related measures will be investigated.

Author: Martien Tomberg