Renewal of cadastral legislation for Curaçao

The Curaçao cadastre is planning a renewal of cadastral legislation by merging and updating existing legislation into a single Cadastre Act.

Legal fragmentation hampers practical and judicial operations

On 10-10-10 Curaçao became a country within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Since then, the cadastre of Curaçao has operated as an independent foundation. Current legislation is fragmented due to multiple laws and regulations, some dating as far back as 1868. This legal fragmentation sometimes hampers practical and judicial operations

Kadaster assists

Our Curaçao counterpart asked Kadaster to assist in drawing and renewing the new cadastral legislation. In January, we visited our colleagues in Curaçao to investigate what is needed. In addition to legislative renewal, the cadastre of Curaçao wants to invest the distribution of geographic information, including a digital dataset incorporating buildings and addresses. In the future, both datasets will be part of a national spatial data infrastructure for Curaçao.


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