Renewed cooperation in Rwanda

Kadaster has collaborated with the Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) since 2008. The last project focused on the land administration information system extension and upgrade. In August 2021, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) programme Land-at-Scale approved a funding application to continue the cooperation for the next four years. 

Implementing RLMU business plan

During the renewed cooperation, the focus will be on implementing the RLMUA business plan. This plan will seek to ensure a sustainable financial and operating environment for land administration in Rwanda. First, we need to realign the plan to embed the new land use planning task of RLMUA. The government of Rwanda describes its land use planning ambitions in the National Land Use & Development Master Plan 2020-2050.

Kadaster will support with implementing this Master Plan. We will need the capacity and knowledge of academia, in both the reassessment of the business plan, and in the execution of the land use planning tasks. Kadaster will also closely work together with the International Development Law Organisation, who is involved in the national implementation of a more just decision-making process by local mediation committees (known as Abunzi). 

 Our 4 goals are:

  • strengthening the land administration business and systems
  • developing land use plans in rural areas
  • strengthening decision-making processes regarding land disputes
  • building academic capacity to support land administration

Duration of the project


More info and contact

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