Strengthening professional access to information about land II

Following up on the success of the first SPATIAL project, running from 2017 – 2019, a new project was defined together with 8 sister organisations in 6 countries in the Western Balkan (North Macedonia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro). Financed by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, this project focuses on the bilateral cooperation between Kadaster and each of the different organisations. For the national mapping and cadastral agencies (NMCA) a work plan is defined to support them in the further development of their organisation in general, and spatial data acces in particular.

Regional cooperation

As many NMCA’s face the same challenges when building a national spatial data infrastructure (NSDI), working together and sharing knowledge is a key element in the successful implementation of an NSDI. Regional meetings are an efficient way to actively share each other’s experiences and problems when developing the NSDI.

Bilateral support

Besides the collective regional meetings, also bilateral cooperation is needed, focusing on specific national issues. During the kick-off meeting in February 2020, with attendance from the Dutch Embassy, EuroGeographics and colleagues from Norway and Sweden, individual plans for each NMCA, with a wide variety of topics, were developed, planned and agreed. 
Topics that are high on each list are the development and maintenance of the national geoportal (Albania, Kosovo, Serbia), while INSPIRE web services (Bosnia & Herzegovina) and institutional development (North Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro) are also important topics for the NMCA’s.

Online cooperation

This period of COVID travel restrictions shows that we are able to share knowledge and discuss interactively in a virtual way on different aspects of running an NMCA organisation.

Duration of the project

February 2020 – December 2024

More info and contact

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