Study visit to Kadaster by Brazilian cadastral authorities

Experts from the Brazilian city of Campinas and the Secretaria de Receita Federal visited Kadaster across April.

The Secretaria da Receita Federal, part of the Finances Ministry, is responsible for managing federal taxes. They integrate information about people and enterprises. 

Prepare pilot SINTER: a new integrated cadastral system

For land taxes, Receita Federal took part in a project of integrating their information with data of the Registration Offices and the INCRA (Rural Land Reform and Cadastral Institution), thus georeferencing 70% of the country surface in terms of land ownership. The next step for Receita Federal is to integrate the mapped urban information of all 5558 municipalities with all other available information. This is a challenge: Brazil does not have one nationwide land administration system, but many decentralized systems. The purpose of the study visit was to prepare a pilot for SINTER, the new integrated cadastral system in Campinas, Belo Horizonte and Fortaleza; cities with good urban cadastres.  

Sharing experiences

During the study visit, Kadaster shared experiences about the land administration process, property valuation and taxation, and the national spatial data infrastructure.