We're hiring!

Kadaster International is seeking the support of a local project consultant for the LAND-at-scale programme in Rwanda. This will be throughout the remainder of the project period, until august 2025.

Activities of the project consultant

The project consultant will foster relationships and stay abreast of developments and stakeholder activities. The new project consultant will also be guiding the Kadaster experts from the Netherlands in the execution of their trainings.

Role and responsibilities

In close alignment with the project manager at Kadaster, the local project consultant will be responsible to:

  • Liaise and foster partnerships with other key stakeholders in the Land Sector, including but not limited to Lantmateriët, ESRI and others.
  • Liaise and foster partnership with the National Land Authority and other governmental institutions.
  • Contribute to the coordination and management of the implementation of the activities of Project Strategy 1, 2 and 4.
  • Contribute to the coordination with local IDLO partners on the implementation of Project Strategy 3 and the alignment with the other project strategies. 
  • Contribute to progress reporting, monitoring & evaluation and annual planning, in close consultation with Kadaster, RVO and the NLA.


Send your application before the 1st of March 2024.
Read more information on the page Local Project Consultant LAND-at-scale Rwanda.