accessibility declaration

Accessibility declaration, drawn up on 4 May 2016.

This declaration is applicable to the following websites:

  1. (main website)

Our website must be easily accessible to everyone. Also, for example, to those who are blind, visually impaired or who have some other handicap. That is why we try to offer information in such a way that everyone can easily use it. The website has also been made suitable for use on various devices, such as mobile phone and tablet. We take into account the governmental web guidelines when designing and managing our website.

The Kadaster also wants to fully comply as soon as possible with the government standard, Web Guidelines version 2 at AA level. Among other things, complying with this standard makes our website more user friendly and more easily accessible to various target groups.

Our approach in order to improve the accessibility of our website

We have taken the following measures in order to improve compliance with the Web Guidelines:


We have our processes to create web content audited on a regular basis in order to determine whether they have been optimally arranged in order to promote compliance with the Web Guidelines.

Automatic testing

We have our website automatically tested by a tool such as 'Gewoon Toegankelijk' ('Simply Accessible').

Internal check before publication

Our editors check all content for accessibility before publication.

Periodic internal audit

Our editors conduct periodic interim audits on the content.

Employee training

Our editors have taken a training course on accessibility.

Replace inaccessible PDFs

Kadaster wants to replace content in PDF format, where possible, with other forms of content that better satisfy the web guidelines.