Embassies: “LAND-initiatives already yield results in Africa”

LAND is a partnership between the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kadaster. The aim is to offer quick-response assistance to countries that face land administration difficulties.


In Uganda, a five days LAND-mission was concluded with a proposal for a step by step implementation of a Tenure System Atlas, Due Diligence Reporting and first showcase projects. “Our food security programme aims at the transition from subsistence into commercial farming. Land security is a necessary condition for commercial farming, but land administration in Uganda is weak and complex. The LAND-mission mapped out these problems and follow-up initiatives are now being prepared.” According to Theo Oltheten, First Secretary Security & Rule of Law, Embassy of the Netherlands in Kampala, Uganda.


In DR-Congo, the province North Kivu has gone through an instable period due to repetitive wars. Resulting in hundreds of thousands of internally displaced persons and refugees. Together with local stakeholders and facilitated by UN Habitat, Kadaster developed a needs analysis report. Digitisation of the existing paper-based land administration and improvement of data quality are the top priority for creating procedures that help resolve disputes.


In establishing the centralised Land Agency (ANDF) in Benin the Dutch Embassy requested institutional expertise and technical expertise for choosing the appropriate system design. A report identifying the needs as well as a detailed action plan will be delivered in 2016. “We consider the cooperation with Kadaster as a smart investment in the economic development of Benin where new opportunities for entrepreneurs will arise. Also strengthening land rights for women contributes to their independent economic position.” According to Annelies van den Berg, senior policy officer / expert food security & private sector development, Embassy of the Netherlands in Cotonou, Benin.