Our consultancies

The way in which land rights are registered in the Netherlands is internationally renowned. Kadaster has extensive knowledge and skills regarding land registration, land consolidation and geographic information. We believe it is our social responsibility to apply them in countries that have need for them. If rights are registered, owners have legal security. A sound land registration is an instrument for economic development and improvement of living conditions.

Our international consultancy services are not part of our main tasks. They constitute so-called auxiliary activities. They are financed from funds provided by the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Bank. The funds cover our costs.

Automatic generalisation

The Netherlands is one of the first countries in the world to use fully automatic generalisation to produce topographical maps. Kadaster offers several kinds of support to National Mapping Organisations (NMOs) to start with automatic generalisation. Read more about Automatic generalisation

60.000 plots registered in Lesotho

For almost five years Kadaster managed a project in Lesotho, the Land Administration Reform Project (LARP). As a result, legal regulations were adapted and a law was created for apartments. Because of this, inhabitants are now the formal owners of the land that they have been possessing informally for many years. Final result: at this moment over 60.000 plots are registered in Lesotho.