Land rights for peace in Colombia

Fast and effective land administration is essential for the implementation of the Colombian Peace Agreements. It involves handing out titles to landowners who live in areas where the government has been absent for decades because of the internal war. 
It also involves restitution of land to war victims; farmers that were forcefully evicted from their land or fled their land because of the violence. 
Support from Dutch Government
The Dutch Government is supporting Colombia in the implementation of the Peace Agreements in two areas: 
Fit-For-Purpose (FFP) land administration;
transitional justice. 
A Memorandum of Understanding has been signed between the Colombian National Land Agency (Agencia Nacional de Tierras), Kadaster and the Dutch Government.
Fit For Purpose land administration
The first action is implementing a participatory FFP methodology in a municipality in the Department of Meta, together with all agencies involved and the local population.