Continuation of cooperation on the Western Balkans

Since 2017, Kadaster has been supporting its colleagues in the Western Balkan region. The Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved the proposal to continue with the SPATIAL project in the Balkan region in the coming 3 years.

Strengthen Professional Access To Information About Land

The follow-up project aims to further Strengthen Professional Access To Information About Land (SPATIAL II) in the Western Balkan region. In total 8 National Mapping and Cadastre and Land Registry Authorities (NMCA's) from 6 countries are involved: Albania, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Kosovo, North Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia.

Focus on bilateral technical assistance

The project focuses on bilateral technical assistance for each of the NMCA's, as well as on regional activities, such as regional workshops and study visits. This will support strengthening the role of the NMCA's towards becoming more reliable, inclusive and democratic government bodies. The project started with a workshop in February on the Integrated Geospatial Information Framework (IGIF). The IGIF will serve as overall guidance for both the bilateral and regional support.


This article is published in Abroad edition March 2020.
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