Enhancing land tenure security in Nepal

Nepal is struck by natural disaster on a regular basis. How can enhancing land tenure security speed up the recovery from disasters?

Recovery from disaster is challenging due to the geography and economic situation. Also not all land rights are recognized and recorded. This hampers the government to prepare and mitigate to disasters pro-actively and delays post-disaster recovery. The devastating earthquake in 2015 made this very clear. Enhance land tenure security was demanded to speed up the recovery from disaster.

Pilots applying Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration

The land professionals in Nepal have embraced the challenges and are making efforts to implement Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (FFP LA) Strategy to document all people-to-land relationships. In several areas pilots are conducted, applying FFP LA approaches. The pilots focus on recordation of customary and informal land rights and disaster risk management. The results of the pilots will help to define the roadmap for scaling up of tenure security.


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