Important step for professional reliable spatial data in Macedonia

Kadaster and Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (AREC) drafted a new strategy for National Spatial Data Infrastructure in Macedonia.
First project of Kadaster and AREC in Macedonia completed.

Last week the first project under the cooperation agreement between the Macedonian Agency for Real Estate Cadastre (AREC) and Kadaster was completed. In the past 5 months colleagues from Macedonia and the Netherlands worked together to draft a new strategy for the National Spatial Data Infrastructure for Macedonia. 

Meeting the needs of private and public sector and citizens

According to the director of AREC, Slavce Trpeski, the updated strategy will facilitate access, sharing, use and distribution of standardized spatial data and services in an efficient, effective and coordinated manner. “The aim is to meet the needs of private and public sector and citizens, thereby contributing to economic growth and sustainable development of the country.”

Recommendations for production of topographical maps

Also a strategy report written by AREC and Kadaster was delivered with recommendations to improve the production procedures of the topographic map. The strategy report is based on the lessons learned after a visit to Kadaster in October and the input from users during a workshop in Macedonia in November. In the workshop participants could explore different tools and technologies to update and automate the production of the topographical map. 

Cooperation agreement

In February 2016 AREC and Kadaster signed a cooperation agreement to work on improvement on land administration. This first project was launched with support of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO). More about the cooperation agreement