LADM and Gender

The 8th Workshop on the Land Administration Domain, LADM2019, recently took place in Malaysia. The focus was on the development of Edition II of the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM).

Women’s rights are overlooked

In previous workshops, it was observed that the current version does not accommodate women’s land and use rights in an inclusive and adequate way. Overlapping or secondary land use rights are often lost through formal land registration. As a consequence, women’s rights are overlooked when registered. Without these rights being recorded and registered, many women’s livelihoods cannot prosper accordingly.

Gender attributes should reflect various relationships to land

It was concluded that LADM functionalities should be altered to document both primary and secondary land rights. Furthermore, the required gender attributes should not be limited to women, but should reflect and acknowledge various relationships to land.

Land Administration Domain Model

LADM is available since 1 December 2012. It covers basic information-related components of land administration including those over land, in water, below the surface and above the ground.


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