Ontheemd (Displaced), an impressive film about having hearth and home

Documentary filmmakers Heddy Honigmann and John Appel show two countries in the film ‘ONTHEEMD’ – in addition to the Netherlands – where land rights are still in their infancy and where the Netherlands’ Cadastre (Kadaster) is playing a pioneering role.

In 70% of the world, ownership registration is not yet properly organised. Kadaster collaborates internationally on the registration of land and property. Colombia is only in the early stages of peace after more than 50 years of civil war. A chance to organise the land rights of the farmers who live without any official proof of ownership in the jungle where the guerrilla war raged.

In Nepal, the 2015 earthquake caused enormous damage with thousands of deaths and nearly 1 million displaced people. The disaster does, however, offer an opportunity for change: disenfranchised farmers without property deeds who have worked the land of landowners under an old feudal system, now have the opportunity to claim the rights to the land they have been living and working on for generations.

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