Successful FIG Working Week in Hanoi

This year the FIG Working Week was hosted by the Vietnamese Association of Geodesy, Cartography and Remote Sensing. The event provided ample time to discuss latest developments in surveying, mapping and cadastre.

Productive contributions

In addition, Kadaster actively contributes to various commissions, most notably 3, 7, 8 and the International Office for Cadastre and Land Records (OICRF). The commission work plans were presented and approved by the general assembly. Furthermore, a task force on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s) was launched to focus on how the SDG’s relate to the surveying profession.

FIG 2020 Amsterdam

Next year, 10-14 May 2020, we will welcome the FIG community to Amsterdam. At the closing ceremony, the FIG flag was handed over to the Local Organising Committee of Amsterdam 2020, led by our colleague Paula Dijkstra. We look forward to welcoming you all next year, where ‘Smart Surveyors for Land and Water Management’ can familiarise with the Dutch surveying profession.

Author: Marije Louwsma