IT training for Ministry staff Bangladesh

The Ministry of Land in Bangladesh is in the early stage of introducing IT and computerisation of land records. The Ministry understands that the quality and rate of this process depends very much on the capability of its staff. Therefore, the Ministry has asked Kadaster for assistance in preparing a capacity building plan and providing several technical trainings.

Introducing IT and computerisation is difficult

Director of the Department of Land Records and Survey, Mr Md. Anowar Hossain: “It is difficult to introduce IT and computerisation with the workforce of analogue pattern. Their efficiency can be raised to some level through frequent IT training, but it needs more to meet the challenges of the digitalisation project up to the level of international standards as well as to the level of sustainability.”

Land administration in Bangladesh is fragmented and information is not systematically shared between governmental organisations. With roughly four million households vulnerable to land disputes, there is a pressing need for a faster and more reliable way of verifying and registering of ownership.