Land administration for boosting economy Mozambique

Securing land rights is as a precondition for boosting economic activity. Netherlands Ambassador Pascalle Grotenhuis embraces the strong relationship between Mozambique and the Netherlands.

Land rights for all

“We have been working on land in Mozambique for more than 20 years”, according to Ms Grotenhuis. “The 1977 Land Law safeguards the rights and interests of the communities and facilitates investors’ access to land. Much has been achieved since then, but for most citizens and decision makers much more is needed to improve land administration to ensure land rights for all.”

Strong partnership

The Ambassador explains that in 2014 an encouraging cooperation started: “Kadaster has been assisting the country evaluating the quality and accessibility of the land administration data and the maintenance processes, institutions involved and their institutional capacity. A strong partnership with Kadaster is being built, which we strongly support.”

Several Kadaster collaborations

Kadaster has been engaged in several projects. In association with the National Directorate of Land (DINAT), University of Twente (ITC) and FUGRO Netherlands, Kadaster has analysed the Systematic Land Regularisation programme in Mozambique. This resulted in the design of a Land Administration Plan and a Land Administration Information System, securing and mapping land rights in the rural areas following a Fit-For-Purpose approach.

The aim is that five million certificates will be issued before end of 2020. Parallel to this support, Kadaster supports the design of the second phase of GESTERRA, a programme for Capacity Building on Land Management and Land Administration services in 10 provinces and eight municipalities. Together with the International Cooperation Agency of the Dutch Municipalities, Kadaster supports the city of Beira. Land related procedures are needed to support the urban development plans and to create sufficient access to the rapidly extending harbour. All efforts intending to contribute to securing land rights in Mozambique.