Land rights for the world: progress in action

A special issue of our English newsletter Abroad highlights initiatives of 8 organisations. Solid initiatives with impact. By sharing these examples, we hope to inspire you to join, partner up and start initiatives that make a difference.

Sustainable Development Goals

 The majority of the world population has poor registered land rights. Or none at all. In many countries a large amount of land disputes is not solved properly or not in time. Meanwhile the world population keeps growing, especially in cities. Fortunately, the land administration sector is putting effort in improving land rights for all: governments, NGOs and the private sector, all in support of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Proving progress

Much has been done already. Knowledge has been generated and exchanged. Standards, methods, guidelines and tools have been developed, keeping track with the fast developing technology for data collection, management and exchange. Infrastructures and information services are being built. Professionals initiate new partnerships and financing possibilities, showing leadership. All this impact proves that progress is being made; it can be measured, it is there for all to see.

Sharing and feeding the ambition

There is not just one single perspective or truth in realising the ambition of land rights for all. Neither does it depend on one sector or organisation to take the lead or to make it happen. This special issue is far from a complete coverage. If you feel you should have been in this magazine as well, your work is probably as important as the invited contributions. We truly hope that you consider this special issue as colleague inspiration to team up and share your successes with the world as well.

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