Colombia: Land tenure and sustainable economic empowerment


Hier kan een quote komen van een regiomanager of deelnemer.

Kim Heuvelmans - regional manager Kadaster

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2022 - 2026



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Other projects

Benin: Boosting the national land administration

To establish an infrastructure of systems and procedures for the initial registration and updating processes. The ANDF staff will have acquired the necessary expertise and some parts of the country will be registered.

Rwanda: renewed cooperation

We have collaborated with the Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) since 2008. In August 2021, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) programme Land-at-Scale approved a funding application to continue the cooperation for the next four years. 

Saint Lucia: extending support for NSDI development

Following up on the first NSDI development project in St. Lucia in 2019, concentrating on the legal and business analysis and reflected in a change implementation strategy, the World Bank has awarded the extension of this project to the consortium of Kadaster and KU Leuven.