Roadmap to a digital future in Jordan

At different locations in Jordan, highly classified information, original maps and deeds on land and property rights are stored in a paperbased version. Both present time and society demand that these documents are available digitally. This it is not as easy as it sounds.

Challenge accepted

What happens with the old analogue archives that must be preserved to prevent decay because of their legal status? How can DLS in Jordan protect, optimise and integrate archives into the internal and external workflow? How can a customer get information on the history of property and boundaries, agreements with neighbours and previous transactions? Where to start? With the old, with the new, with preservation, digitisation, indexing? Kadaster has faced a similar transition in the Netherlands.

Sharing the Dutch experience

In the Netherlands, all the old analogue data are now available digitally, integrated in our work processes and available for our customers. But it was not without mistakes, duplication and inefficient use of time and money. It took us many years for all archives to be digitised, indexed and integrated. How we wished to have had a guide and manual on how to handle such an operation. In Jordan, DLS is much smarter. DLS has asked us to help share our experiences and to develop a roadmap.

Roadmap for digitisation

The roadmap is to help DLS determine what to do when and how to arrange the logistics, capacity and security. It is not a matter of just scanning deeds and maps. It also involves protection, preserving old, weathered and severely damaged paperwork, optimising the quality for digitisation, keeping all information safe during the process, indexing and agreeing on indicators, determining internal and external workflows and customer needs, transparency and chain integration. This year, Jordan starts getting ready for the future.