This is my land

After 52 years of civil war a Peace Agreement has been signed between the government and the guerrilla movement FARC. The war started for a fair distribution of land, but ended in a bloody conflict about drugs and power. In addition, hundreds of thousands of people were killed and nearly six million people had to flee their homes and land.

The meaning of land in Colombia

Radio producers Margot de Nooijer and Sytske Jellema examined in the radio documentary 'This is My Land ' the meaning of land in Colombia. They did so through stories of a woman farmer in the capital who longs for her land, a former FARC-warrior who removes land mines out of the soil – land mines that he previously place himself-, and a paramilitary commander who tells how he buried fresh corpses in the soil.

This is my land

These unlikely stories find their down-to-earth counterpart in the work of the Dutch Kadaster. The mission is to get the Colombian land measured and registered, in order to contribute to a transparent and peaceful future. Gradually an image appears of a country where land is the breeding ground of dreams and nightmares, hope and chaos, life and death.

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