Aruba: new registration system

On December 14, Minister Mrs. Evelyna C. Wever-Croes of the government of Aruba commissioned a software and consultancy firm to introduce a new operational system.

Long-term partnership

Kadaster has a long-term partnership with the Department of Land Surveying and Real Estate Registration in Aruba (DLV). Together with Kadaster, DLV developed the registration system for processing property titles called Registracion Automatisa Kadaster Aruba “RAKA” and filled it with data. RAKA is no longer technically easy to maintain so DLV had to look for a good alternative.

Providing advice

Kadaster will advise on the conversion to this new system. In the recent past, we also provided advice on the large-scale photo map of Aruba, on coordinate transformation, and, for example, on the problems of subplots.

About DLV

DLV resorts fall under the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Infrastructure and the Environment of Aruba.

More information

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