News item: Symposium Bringing networks and knowledge into practice

Join us online for the Symposium 'Bringing networks and knowledge into practice' on 1st of September 2022. Organised in conjunction with the joint farewell of Christiaan Lemmen and Kees de Zeeuw, 

News item: Kadaster renews Memorandum of Understanding with Colombia

Kadaster continues its fruitful cooperation with the Colombian authorities to support the formalization of land for another 4 years.

News item: In Rwanda “Easy access to land administration is key”

In Rwanda, Kadaster is supporting the National Land Authority. We asked 2 of our local counterparts about the importance of the project.

News item: 3D cadastre for Indonesia

Across November 2021, Kadaster and the Ministry of Agrarian and Spatial Planning/National Land Agency (ATR-BPN) conducted a webinar series on 3D cadastres.

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