Partnership LAND

The Partnership Land Administration for National Development (LAND) is able to help start up initiatives for sustainable land administration. (De)centralised governments, Royal Netherlands Embassies, NGO’s, private companies and investors in low- and middle-income countries can request assistance from the partnership. This includes consultancies, study visits, training or meetings necessary to ignite implementation actions to enhance proper land administration. The approach is 'Fit For Purpose' land administration.

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What can we do for you?

The partnership helps:

  • (De)centralised governments to be able to take the right decisions on 'Fit For Purpose' land administration, by defining the right quality, cost and planning (time) for variables influencing land administration systems. Barriers for appropriate tendering, strategy development and land use planning are brought down and professional advice is available for making the right choices in policies, innovation and land administration approaches.

  • Royal Netherlands Embassies (RNE's) to improve their role as facilitator for trade mechanism's in the world and to have well founded impact on bilateral and multilateral development agenda's, regarding land administration issues.

  • NGO's to have better access to factual and applied knowledge as substantiation to their work.

  • Private companies and investors to anticipate to opportunities in land administration related businesses. A basis for social corporate responsibility can be obtained through the partnership; risks can be better assessed; and (unexpected) combinations of partnerships can be established (such as a collaboration with former competitor SwedeSurvey). Kadaster is able to give immediate response to demands and developments with catalytic activities. Being at the centre of developments, spin-off will be generated for new outstanding advisory projects with national or international funding.

About Partnership LAND

The purpose of the partnership is to implement well defined practical actions in order to enhance security of rights on land and property worldwide. Specifically:

  • In countries or regions with no proper land administration in place, the partnership stimulates and initiates developments that are pro poor, 'fit for purpose', and takes in account the aspects of cost, quality and time.
  • In countries or regions where land administration is in place (to some extent), product and service development is initiated, allowing for improved performance of governments, NGO's, investments and businesses.

The Partnership LAND is an initiative by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Netherlands Cadastre, Land Registry and Mapping Agency (Kadaster). The advantage of LAND is that the policy, assets and network of the Ministry are combined with the expertise and network of Kadaster. Therefore we can initiate, guide and enforce activities on land administration. The partnership uses expert contributions from (inter)national governments, private companies, NGO's, knowledge centres and universities.


If you want support for starting up initiatives, please feel free to contact us by filling in the contact form