News item: Land tenure and sustainable economic empowerment in Colombia

Effective land administration is key to agricultural productivity and sustainable rural development. 

News item: Improving land administration in Chad

Kadaster will start a collaboration with the Ministry of Spatial Planning, Housing and Urbanisation (MATDHU) to improve the land administration in Chad.

News item: Boosting the national land administration in Benin

A project to set up the infrastructure for an efficient and affordable land administration. Next to the formal land titles an option is created to register presumed ownership.

News item: Building community trust in Beira

The project in Beira, Mozambique is completed. We gave advice on the use of Fit-For-Purpose Land Administration (FFP-LA) methods to record the people-to-land relationships.

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News item: Improving modern land registration in Indonesia

A sound land administration system and a fair land market is fundamental for economic and social stability and gender equality. It is regarded as one of the main pillars for economic development.

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News item: Development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure in St. Lucia

The Government of Saint Lucia (GoSL) has undertaken several initiatives, one of which is the Development of the National Spatial Data Infrastructure (NSDI).

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News item: Land in Peace project in Colombia

Up to 60% of the rural population in Colombia does not have legal proof of ownership over their land. At the current pace it will take centuries to realise tender security for all. This project aims at speeding up the process.

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News item: Unlocking land potential Vietnam

Strengthening land use planning and agricultural restructuring are pillars for a sustainable development in Vietnam. Together with RVO, we provide support based on our experience with land consolidation to foster agricultural development.

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News item: Land administration information system extension and upgrade in Rwanda

Kadaster has been involved in the development of the Land Administration Information System (LAIS). The system is facilitating the Rwanda Land Management and Use Authority (RLMUA) in land administration procedures.

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News item: Strengthening capacity for geospatial data management in Belarus

The project focuses on the harmonisation of spatial data under the EU Directive INSPIRE, to promote sustainable development and good governance.

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