Our consultancies

Assisting governmental organizations

Together with national partners, we further develop knowledge and skills in land administration. Our consultancy assists national governmental organizations to design systems and methodologies for land administration and geographic data.

Kadaster has extensive knowledge and skills regarding land registration, land consolidation and geographic information. Based on these experiences, we work together with governmental institutions all over the world to further improve land administration. If rights are registered, owners have legal security.

A sound land registration is an instrument for economic development and improvement of living conditions. Land rights are part of the Sustainable Development Goals, to which Kadaster is fully committed. 

Automatic generalisation

The Netherlands is one of the first countries in the world to use fully automatic generalisation to produce topographical maps. Kadaster offers several kinds of support to National Mapping Organisations (NMOs) to start with automatic generalisation. 

Partnership LAND

Dutch partnership of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Kadaster, with expert contributions from (inter)national governments, private companies, NGOs, knowledge centres and universities.  In this programme, Kadaster organised about 30 short term projects. 

Fit for purpose

Land administration is a fundamental infrastructure for the sustainable economic and social development of all societies. The 'Fit for purpose' approach helps to start up initiatives for sustainable land administration worldwide.