CPCI conference focused on taxation

Kadaster is a permanent member of the Iberoamerican Permanent Commission for Cadaster (CPCI). We were present at its XIV conference and assembly, held in Santiago de Chile between 4-8 December. 

Taxation systems

This CPCI edition focused on taxation systems. From the presentations at the conference, it became clear that most countries have cadastre, register and taxation in different, and not always integrated, systems, This makes it difficult to update and increases land administration costs. Information is often dated and incomplete.
The focus on taxation and property valuation proved to be very useful. It provided a solid foundation to compare the different organizations and to have fruitful discussions about the differences and common challenges.

Integrated land administration system

Kadaster, contributed to the event with a presentation about the system in the Netherlands and how the integrated data about the assessment of property value, provides valuable services to society. 
Also, the LADM-ISO standard was presented. The standard describes the data model for the development and refinement of efficient and effective land administration systems. This includes the aspect to capture information about value and it can be used to provide a solid base for modeling property valuation data.  

The event provided Kadaster a better understanding of the current developments of the different organizations, the presented use cases and best practices, as well as the challenges they are facing to further improve their land administration systems. 

About CPCI

The CPCI is a network organised by the Spanish cadaster to assist the Latin American land administration and cadastre organisations in its improvements. It has annual meetings in different locations and continuous working groups on specific issues. Land administration system institutions from national, state and municipal levels from 12 Latin American countries attended the conference.