New publications

We work to ensure the lessons of our work are made available in a variety of formats. This includes news articles, social media, videos/movies, reports, books, and more scientific journal articles. They focus on current key topics impacting the land administration domain:

Land Rights and Deforestation

Reydon, Bastiaan, et al. "Unclear Land Rights and Deforestation: Pieces of Evidence from Brazilian Reality." Land 12.1 (2022): 89.

Gender-Sensitive and Land Information Systems

Unger, E. M., Lemmen, C., & Bennett, R. (2023). Women’s access to land and the Land Administration Domain Model (LADM): Requirements, modelling and assessment. Land Use Policy, 126, 106538.

Remote Sensing for Land Administration

Koeva, Mila, Rohan Bennett, and Claudio Persello. "Remote Sensing for Land Administration 2.0." Remote Sensing 14.17 (2022): 4359.

These articles are all open access.