Application LADM methodology in Brazil

The SLAS is a collaboration between Kadaster and ITC to share knowledge and to provide capacity building in the countries for the improvement on different aspects of Land Administration. Every year we do a number of activities, this time a training in Brazil to 3 ministries in the field of land administration:

  • Economics Ministry (Receita Federal),
  • Ministry of Agricultural Development (MDA/INCRA)
  • the National services of Data Processing (SERPRO)

Land Administration Domain Model (LADM)

LADM is a model, developed with the help of Kadaster, with which a country can set up or improve  its land administration. This is badly needed in Brazil because the country does not have an integrated land cadaster. Different institutions are responsible for different parts of the cadaster (mapping part, rural and urban, legal part, land taxes) making it ineffective.

When Kadaster presented LADM in Brazil, during a trade mission, organized by the Dutch Embassy, some civil servants showed their interest and the opportunity to organize a training in on it appeared. The aim of the training was to use LADM to create a roadmap to integrate the cadasters of land holders in Brazil.

Roadmap as result from workshop

It was a three day workshop with about 30 participants from three ministries, mainly IT people and Land administration people. The neutral LADM model enables the various stakeholders to jointly discuss the best way to improve the land administration in Brazil, firstly by creating an integrated cadaster.
The highlight of the workshop was when it became clear that LADM offers a common language that allows the land administration professionals to talk to the IT professionals about the criteria that a Land Administration System must meet.
At the end of the workshop, the participants jointly produced a roadmap on how the Brazilian government can use LADM to create an integrated cadaster.


In October 2023, ITC and Kadaster, together with the participants of the training, will present the roadmap towards an integrated cadaster to the other authorities in the field of land administration in Brazil, such as the Ministry of Finance, Justice, Environment and Indigenous People.