FIG Commission 7 annual meeting summary

Kadaster along with the University of Twente (ITC Faculty) were proud to host the annual meeting of the International Federation of Surveyors (FIG) Commission 7 (Cadastre and Land Management).
The theme of the week was ‘Digital transformation for responsible land administration’. 

Land administration is fundamental in delivering sustainable and responsible growth, including many of those objectives encapsulated in the 2030 agenda and sustainable development goals (SDGs). Digital transformation can help speed up achievement of the agenda. 

The meeting included:

  • a 3-day technical program, 
  • 16 technical sessions, 
  • 4 keynote sessions, 
  • 45 full or abstracted papers, 
  • 113 attendees, 
  • 27 countries represented, 
  • 2 excursions / field visits, 
  • sponsorship from Esri, Trimble, Leica, and VNG. 

Working groups discussed:

  • implementation of the UN Framework for Effective Land Administration (FELA)
  • fit-for-purpose land administration (FFPLA)
  • 3D land administration
  • the land administration domain model (LADM) 
  • AI and remote sensing applications in land administration
  • women’s access to land
  • integrated land use planning and land tenure management
  • land administration education
  • comparative cadastres

About FIG Commission 7

The FIG Commission 7 annual meeting took place from 2-4 October in Deventer, The Netherlands.