Mapping territory to protect indigenous communities

The indigenous communities in Colombia’s Amazon are on a mission. A newly released video shows their endeavours to preserve their land and way of life by mapping their territory.

Preserving land through mapping the territory

The video shows how the indigenous Koreguaje and Makagueje communities walk for days through dense Amazon forests to measure the limits of their territory. Their goal is to expand the La Teófila indigenous reserve and establish a new conservation area. This initiative is not just about land. It’s about preserving a culture, way of life and safeguarding the rich biodiversity of the region.


The Land-at-scale programma

The Land-at-scale programme supports indigenous and Afro-Colombian communities. Aiding them in formalising land processes and fostering sustainable economic development in the various Colombian regions. The programme was implemented by Kadaster, Icco Conexión and Tropenbos Colombia.

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