Information on the postal address

Regular mail can be sent to our general postal address:

Het Kadaster
P.O. box 9046
7300 GH Apeldoorn
The Netherlands 

Please note that the general postal address of Kadaster cannot be used for the submission of analogue documents such as judgments, provisions, curator or guardianships and seizure of real property. 

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Submission of analogue documents

  • Documents relating to ships and aircrafts, can be submitted at our office in Rotterdam, on weekdays from 09h00 – 17h00.
  • Other documents, for example on guardianships, can be sent to our office in Arnhem. 

Find more information about our Rotterdam and Arnhem offices on the page Kadaster offices.

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Organisation and public responsibility

Kadaster is a non-departmental public body, under the political responsibility of The Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations. Its Executive Board is chaired by Mr Frank Tierolff.

The plans for reaching its goals Kadaster lays down in its Long-term Policy Plan. The plan is publicly available, it is updated every year. Also every year, Kadaster publicly accounts for the results it was able to reach in its Annual Report.

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