Privacy statement of rights for data subjects

What are my rights?

You have the right to gain more insight into the purposes for which the Kadaster processes your personal data. This gives you the right to inspect, rectify, delete or limit the processing of your data.
It is not possible to invoke your rights to view, rectify, etc., the personal data of others.

How can I exercise my rights?

To exercise your rights, you can submit a written request by post. You can find our postal address on our contact page. You can also contact us via the following e-mail address:, or you can use the digital form.

It is important that you are able to identify yourself when submitting a request. You can do this by sending a copy of your identity card or by sufficiently identifying yourself in some other way. This copy will be destroyed after confirmation of your identity.
Your request will be processed within one month at the latest, but for extensive or complex requests this period may be extended by an additional two months.

Exception for public registers

For public registers, such as the public registers and the key registers of the Kadaster, exceptions to the rights of the person concerned have been made. This is regulated in Article 47 of the UAVG (Implementation Act of the General Data Protection Regulation). This means that you, as the title holder of a registered property, can follow the special procedures for inspection, rectification, limitation and notification, as included in the Land Registry Act and the laws related to the key registers.

The right to removal and transferability of data does not apply to public registers. This follows from the GDPR (Articles 17 and 20).
For what purpose and for how long does the Kadaster keep my data?
The personal data provided by you, in the request made by you, will be carefully processed for the purpose of handling your request and for informing you about the decision regarding your request. These data will not be provided to third parties unless a court order or other statutory provision requires the Kadaster to do so.