Indonesian land administration: big steps towards 2025

In July 2023, Kadaster conducted a training and advisory visit to Jakarta. Together with sister organisation the Indonesian National Land Agency (ATR/BPN) a full-week of discussion, workshops, and a field visit to Bogor City (until 1945 it was called “Buitenzorg”) was organised. The visit was another great opportunity to learn about all the knowledge and expertise Kadaster can bring to other countries and also provided new insights in the Dutch context. 

Kadaster aims for the next level

In its training courses and webinars, Kadaster challenges Indonesian colleagues to reach the next level. We contribute in provision of training and advice in the field of improving data quality and management, improve e-services and public trust, and to keep involving the local population in collecting data. This all leads to: 

  • More tenure security for farmers, businesses, and other inhabitants of the country with positive effects for society. 
  • Enabling people to get access to land and loans. 

But there are also many effects in terms of tax collection and opportunities to improve traceability in agricultural value chains or insurance schemes.

Dedication and speed

The dedication, speed and entrepreneurial spirit of the department for Surveying and Mapping of ATR/BPN is impressive. In the last 5 years ATR/BPN has been able to register more than 35 million new land parcels, leading to more than 105 million parcels mapped in Indonesia. It is estimated that 126 million parcels cover Indonesia as a whole, so 21 million parcels still to go. These are impressive stats in such a large country with so many islands. To make a comparison: in the Netherlands there are around 8 million parcels in total! 

Land administration: starting point for sustainable economic change

Land administrations may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about economic development, but it is a starting point in many fields to improve effectiveness of policies. The examples are many. 

  • In disaster risk management you can help people to relocate or compensate more accurately. 
  • In post-conflict situations you can provide people with land security which prevents new conflicts.
  • For spatial planning proper land administration it is vital to give people the possibility to cooperate and be compensated when relocation is needed.
  • To prevent deforestation, compulsory land administration is vital to make sure people cannot transform forestry land into agricultural land. 

As Kadaster we work to make land administration work for the better and provide alle people with land security on a daily basis.

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