Kadaster and Indonesia: working together on digital transformation

For many years, Kadaster and the Indonesian National Land Agency have been working together to modernize and digitalize land registration in Indonesia. The ambition arose to deepen this cooperation. Therefore a new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed. 

Signing a new MoU

On 20 September 2023 the new MoU was signed by the Executive Board Chairman of the Dutch Kadaster, Frank Tierolff, and the Director General of Land and Spatial Survey and Mapping of the Indonesian National Land Agency, Virgo Eresta Jaya. The MoU aims to support Indonesia in the digital transformation of its cadastral systems and infrastructure in the next five years.

Indonesia wants to move further towards a land administration system that meets the social, economic and environmental needs. The agency has been undertaking continuous improvement initiatives, particularly relating to increasing map coverage over recent years. Kadaster provided the Indonesian sister organization with experience, capacity and knowledge to support bringing the Indonesian land administration to a higher level. 

The joint agenda in the new MoU covers four main topics to work on: 

  • First of all, we work towards a full cadastral coverage of Indonesian urban areas. There are still many deficiencies in the current system. 
  • Secondly, we will explore and test options for 3D land administration in the Indonesian context. This should support mapping and registration for the rapid urbanizing areas in Indonesia. 
  • The third topic is to support the organization in capturing more value from a growing set of land data assets in Indonesia, by development of new e-products and e-services targeted to specific customer segments. 
  • Lastly, the cooperation focuses on the design and development of a geo-ICT infrastructure for enabling integrated land and environmental management. The Dutch Kadaster has extensive experience in this area due to the integration of topographic services in their organization.

Next steps

In the next months the joint agenda will be further developed and funding opportunities for joint activities will be sought.

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