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Land Administration Institutional Development Programme Benin

In Benin the Agence National du Domain et Foncier (ANDF), the government agency responsible for land administration, is a relatively new organisation, founded in 2016. To be able to benefit from the experiences in the Netherlands, ANDF formed a partnership with Kadaster International.

Implementation of the National Land Use Zoning Plan in Bhutan

Land as a scarce resource, requires the Bhutanese government to make choices regarding the use of the land in a sustainable way. The development of a national land use zoning plan and data sharing protocol will enable the government to make informed decisions.

Strengthening Professional Access To Information About Land

The countries of the Western Balkan have the ambition to improve geospatial information harmonisation. The use of reliable and authoritative geospatial information will make policy and decision-making more efficient, and  society will benefit from the transparency.

Unlocking land potential Vietnam

Strengthening land use planning and agricultural restructuring are pillars for a sustainable development in Vietnam. Together with RVO, we provide support based on our experience with land consolidation to foster agricultural development.

Land in Peace project in Colombia

Up to 60% of the rural population in Colombia does not have legal proof of ownership over their land. At the current pace it will take centuries to realise tender security for all. This project aims at speeding up the process by applying an innovative methodology.

Participatory mapping in Indonesia

The National Land Agency, Agrarian Affairs and Spatial Planning (ATR/BPN) in Indonesia has registered 45% of the country, mostly cities and urbanised areas. Rural communities are often neglected.

Paperless organization

The Kadaster in Jordan (Department of Land and Surveys; DLS) has the Prime Minister's assignment of being a paperless organization by 2020.